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February 20, 2017

Miriam College NUVALI's 2nd building designed for 21st-Century learning.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
February 20, 2017

Miriam College NUVALI in Laguna is all set to start the construction of its second building two years after it opened its doors to student in south. Designed by one of the country's top architectural firms, the building is especially created to be a green, secure, and conducive place for play and 21st-century learning.

" The challenge for us was how to contain the open spaces for security but the site lent some answers. We surrounded the play area or courtyard with classwrooms but still opened to its natural surroundings. The open spaces now become a central space where kids can socialize, engage, and do multiple activities." explained architect JOSE PEDRO "BONG" RECIO, principal architect of RHICTECT INC. 

He added that the architecture provides for a distinctive arrangement of classrooms, "with roofs inclined in repetition, echoing a perpetual movement of students within." Apart from classrooms, the second building will feature rooms for art, reading, playing, prayer, observation, and coferences.