Rchitects Inc.

Since 2008, RCHITECTS, Inc. has been pushing the limits in architecture, creating inspired work that fully delivers on the client's objectives.

Guided by Arch. Bong Recio, and fuelled by talented, passionate individuals, the firm has grown stronger with each new challenge.

RCHITECTS, Inc. considers the meticulous process of client-architect interaction as the cornerstone for successful project delivery. The firm works hand-in-hand with clients through every phase – from design, detail drawings, coordination, and construction – resulting in thorough and effective execution.

Strengthened by the dedication to create remarkable works of architecture, the firm's work ethics are founded on collaborative effort and shared vision with clients. Even today, when there is easy access to previously cost-prohibitive software, RCHITECTS, Inc. still believes in personalizing each project, ensuring client's expectations are met.


RCHITECTS, Inc. was established in August 2008 by Arch. Jose Pedro C. Recio.

Within a few years, RCHITECTS, Inc. quickly established itself as a firm experienced in designing high-rise residential and office structures, hotels and resorts, and commercial establishments. In pursuing its vision, RCHITECTS, Inc. is expanding its horizon by way of institutional work as well.

Mission / Vision


  • To keep the customer as the focus of all our design activities;
  • To be recognized for the edifices that are built on the foundations of Bong Recio's philosophy of aesthetics, balance, proportion and sense of place;
  • To promote an office culture that celebrates challenges, achievements, possibilities ,fun and friendship;
  • To deliver good returns for the shareholders;
  • To continue the legacy of "genuine design", and;
  • To work constantly for the betterment of architecture in the Philippines.


RCHITECTS, Inc. is the architectural firm of choice, built on the foundation of a relentless pursuit of delivering services at the highest level of professionalism.