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January 16, 2016

Genuine ‘smart’ homes now a reality at Twin Oaks Place

Philippine Daily Inquirer
January 16, 2016

Home automation, remote viewing and security controls, lightning-fast data downloads and real-time live streaming of in-the-demand TV specials, these possibilities of 21st century digital living are no longer stuff of fantasy but a practical and useful reality that residents are now experiencing at Twin Oaks Place, the very first and only future-ready home in the country.
Modern communications and computer applications enhance the most ordinary of daily activities in this high-rise condominium community, thanks to pioneering Fiber-To-The-Home or FTTH framework of the building, which provides each unit with high-speed Internet connectivity.
Greenfield Development Corp. possesses unparalleled vision in creating genuine “smart” homes for Filipino families. Units in the first of its two towers have been turned over last year, and construction of the second tower is already in full swing.

Ultimate achievement
“Twin Oaks Place is the ultimate achievement of our commitment to innovation that will benefit generations,” said lawyer Duane A.X. Santos, general manager. It is strategically located at the heart of the developer’s emerging masterplanned Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City.
“With our foresight, we are now able to provide the best of urban living to our valued unit owners, at a time when the most exciting possibilities in digital connectivity are making many aspects of city living more efficient, convenient and enjoyable,” he added. “Harnessing the benefits of digital technology are no longer a fantasy but a reality, and will soon be the norm rather than the exception.”
The digital experience begins with an internet protocol (IP) phone that is standard in each unit. These devices allow residents to view and confirm the identity of visitors in the lobby via the IP phone screen. Eventually, as more and more innovative services and applications are made available in the country, one can enjoy conveniences such as shopping or ordering food delivery through interactive menus on the IP phone screen.

The main entrance door of each unit is also fitted with electronic locks, which is programmed and operated with push-button numerical combinations—spelling utmost convenience, enhanced security and peace of mind for residents.
The core of Twin Oaks Place’s future-ready environment is the provision of an FTTH technology which can support and deliver quadplay services built-in within each unit.
Smart LED TV platforms can easily be operated and maximized in order to download songs and movies, record TV shows, synchronize smartphones and other gadgets, and many other conveniences.
With the use of corresponding smartphone applications and home automation equipment, a resident can even operate appliances, gadgets and mechanisms inside the unit without even being physically present. Lighting fixtures can be programmed to conserve energy; airconditioning can be turned on prior to entering the unit for added comfort; and the entrance door can even be remotely unlocked to allow entry of authorized guests. Internet cameras can also be installed for real-time monitoring of the unit.

The best thing
“The possibilities of modern living are endless and exciting,” explained Santos. “The best thing is that a Twin Oaks Place home is ready for whatever the future of digital technology will bring, being the pioneering condominium development with seamlessly integrated digital infrastructure—saving residents valuable time and money,” he added. The cost of hardware and wiring a single-detached home for digital connectivity, for instance, is still quite prohibitive. In a condominium building, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to install digital technology as an afterthought.
At Twin Oaks Place, property management services are also oriented accordingly toward digital living—with front lobby personnel trained to make use of the building’s digital features and capacities, and ICT service personnel and partner consultants are available anytime of the day for technical assistance.
Truly, the home of the future is no longer just a dream but a reality only at Twin Oaks Place.