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December 14, 2017

Project Zeus First Pouring Ceremony

On the morning of 2017 November 11, Project Zeus had the ceremonial first concrete pouring at the jobsite. Witness and partaking to this event were representatives from One Lavender Resources Corp., Rchitects, Inc. and DMCI, general contractor for the project. Actual foundation pouring took place on the afternoon of the said date.

Project Zeus is a five story building development of the One Lavender Resources Corporation along Jupiter road on the perimeter of the exclusive Bel Air village in Makati City. The ground floor is allocated for retail store units while the upper floors are projected private office spaces for lease with the top floor reserved for a premier executive office space. There are two basement levels as provision for parking and utility services. Given the demography and profile of shops in the vanity, we foresee this development to an exclusive retail and office niche for potential lessee/locators.